About us

The Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT) is a technical association of chemical, biochemical technicians and technologists, with members across Canada who work in industry, government or academia for the development and advancement of Science and Technology in Canada.

The purpose of the Society is the advancement of chemical technology, the maintenance and improvement of standards of practitioners and educators and the continual evaluation of chemical technology in Canada.

The objectives of the Society include:

  • To maintain a dialogue with educators, government and industry;
  • To assist in the technology content of the education process of technologists;
  • To attract qualified people into the professions and the Society;
  • To develop and maintain high standards in the profession and enhance the usefulness of chemical technology to industry and the public.



The CSCT has Student Chapters in many Community Colleges, CEGEPs and Technical Institutes throughout Canada, specifically those where there are programs of Chemical (Engineering) Technology, Biochemical Technology or Pharmaceutical Chemical Technology.


In addition to the activities of the particular Student Chapter, membership offers the following benefits:

  1. opportunities to meet with senior technologists who can give information on careers, employment prospects, industry trends;
  2. Perry’s Handbook discount
  3. Students in their final year may take advantage of the CIC Career Services offered to members of the CSCT. This service is for those seeking permanent employment only. Contact Program Manager, Employment at Head Office for details;
  4. Student Chapter Awards;