Ignoring These 6 SEO Strategies Could Come Back To Haunt You

Any leading Toronto SEO company feels that in the ever changing world of Google algorithm, there are some sweets treats for SEO. It is important for businesses as well as business professionals to use right kind of strategies so that it doesn’t affect the business. In case, any business or SEO professional fails to implement the strategies, consequences can be very serious. Indeed business professionals would be having a bad nightmare.

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SEO Strategies That Needs To Be Implemented

Schema Markup

One of the aims of Google is to provide the best search results. Usually, Google does this by making used of a complex algorithm in order to provide users with a pertinent user-friendly websites that is connected to user’s search.

One way website owners and a Toronto SEO company professional can help Google to understand specific information of the site is by using schema markup. Basically, schema allows Google to get an idea about the content that is present in the site.

This means it tells Google what a website is all about as all information like business address, product information are properly organized. Hence, helping search engines to display all data in an appropriate manner.


It is important for businesses to switch to a secure site like HTTPS. If a site is not secured, Google provides warning for the site. Toronto SEO company expert feels that if an end user learns about the site being not secured, 90% chance is that they would leave the site and won’t visit again. If a business doesn’t get customers it can be a nightmare for them.

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Many businesses think that maintaining a G+ account is not as important as Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter. Thinking like that is wrong. In fact, G+ is one of the most popular social media platform and posts made on Google + provides a unique URL.

The URL shows up in Google search result. Hence, rich content with right keywords posted on G+ can improve the ranking of the site. Hence, SEO professionals should make use of G+ and gain required amount of traffic.

Voice Search

More than 20% of searches are done through voice search on mobile devices. With personal assistant tools like Google Home or Apple’s Siri on the rise, voice search should be given a priority. Toronto SEO company experts feel that voice search optimization should be given thought and keywords should be used in such a way that is mostly used during the searches.

Site Audit

If one doesn’t perform site audit then it’s like walking into a graveyard. In order to make any SEO project successful, SEO site audit is crucial. It can help SEO professionals to identify key SEO issues and solving it for ranking high.


A Toronto SEO company expert feels that ranking across Bing site is easy and the ranking results can be very fast. It can help a site to gain more visibility and manage local listings easily.

If a business don’t want to get haunted, it is important for a business to implement these SEO strategies. When these strategies are implemented correctly it can help a business to become successful and get leading edge over others.