Member Benefits

The Canadian Society for Chemical Technology (CSCT) is a national organization representing chemical, biochemical and engineering technicians and technologists, in industry, academia and government. Through its programs and services, the CSCT offers you opportunities for professional growth, career enhancement and financial benefit.

Benefits of Membership

Career Development and Professional Growth

  • Receive up-to-date Canadian and international news of your profession (people, organizations, industry, government, academia, technical advances) through Canadian Chemical News
  • Strengthen your credentials by obtaining your certified Chemical Technologist (cCT) designation.
  • Information exchange and networking with chemical professionals through Local Section, Subject Division and Student Chapter events and activities in communities across Canada.
  • Continue to upgrade your skills through courses and workshops – at reduced rates.
  • The CSCT/CIC actively lobbies the federal government to promote the importance of the chemical profession and the role of research and development in the field.

Career Services

  • Place your complimentary personal Employment Wanted listing in ACCN.
  • Obtain our employer directory of more than 900 companies that hire chemical professionals.
  • Acquire our annual membership directory of more than 5,000 chemical professionals (chemists, chemical engineers and chemical technologists).
  • Full fee members maintain membership for up to two years, at not cost, if unemployed.
  • As an employer, use the CSCT to find the right chemical professional for your organization.

Financial Benefits of Membership

  • Low-rate group insurance programs – life and disability (Manulife Financial), home and auto (Meloche Monnex), medical and dental (Cooperators) – negotiated through the power of membership and partnerships.
  • Visit our Web site to renew the many other financial benefits of membership.